Haq Khateeb’s ‘pearls from the eye’ trick exposed in public


LAHORE: The host of the ARY News program and investigative journalist Iqrarul Hasan, continued to expose the tricks of the fake Pir Haq Khateeb in front of the general public in Lahore, ARY News reported on Saturday.

In another episode of Sar-e-Aam, Iqrarul Hassan exposed the reality of the stunts demonstrated in Pir Haq Khateeb s video, who misleads and robs citizens through his fake tricks.

Just like the self-proclaimed spiritual healer, Pir Haq Khateeb, Iqrarul Hassan removed a gold chain from the eyes of a man and a woman (apparently patients), and later he removed two pearls from the eyes of another patient in front of the public.



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“If removing a pearl from one’s eye is proof of having spiritual healing abilities, then I have also removed two pearls from a person’s eye instead of one,” Iqrar stated.

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During the recording of the program, Iqrarul Hassan expressed that his motive is to bring forth the truth that Pir Haq Khateeb is misleading people through his lies.”

He revealed that they encountered numerous individuals who shared that this fake spiritual leader had stopped their patient’s treatment, due to which several patients died while enduring suffering.

Iqrar challenged Pir Haq Khateeb and openly invited him to showcase his abilities anytime and anywhere in front of the camera to expose his deceitful practices.

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