Health, education facilities critical for women empowerment: President Alvi


ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi said the provision of health and education facilities were critical factors for achieving the goal of women s empowerment.

Addressing a ceremony regarding women leaders, he underscored the need for the provision of a harassment-free environment to women so that they could become part of the workforce and contribute to economic growth.

“Today we celebrate women leaders for their endeavors and men who contributed to the economic empowerment of women,” he said.

Talking about the rights of women, he cited the saying of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who said that a man who raised two daughters earned his place in paradise.

President Dr Arif Alvi stated that women in human societies, through the ages, were epitome of love and hope and they taught children love and kept the family system intact. He pointed out that women suffered the most in wars and acts of genocide, adding millions lost their lives in genocides in the previous centuries.

The President criticized the acts of genocide by Israeli forces in Gaza, saying that thousands of women and children were killed.

The President further said genocide was committed in Gaza for the vested interests and in negation of humanitarian values.

The President said that the Pakistani nation had capability to overcome challenges as it did during the COVID-19 pandemic, through collective efforts and Pakistan remained the third most successful country in tackling the deadly disease.

He urged the nation to work together and forge unity to address the numerous challenges including poverty, malnutrition, stunting and maternal and neonatal deaths.

The President lamented that more than 26 million children in the country were still out of school. In comparison, enrollment of children in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and India were higher, he mentioned.

He said China focused on health and education sectors to lift 700 million people out of poverty and Pakistan should adopt the same path.

The President also lauded the nation, particularly women and youth for their participation in the voting process during the general election.

Speaking on the occasion, First Lady Samina Alvi commended the efforts of organizers and added that these awards recognized and encouraged our unsung heroes; our sisters for their valuable contribution in different walks of life. She urged women to come forward to avail the easy loans offered by banks for setting up businesses.

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