Here’s how Abdul Qadir taught Shane Warne to bowl googly


Salman Qadir, son of Pakistan cricket legend Abdul Qadir, recalled his father teaching Australia counterpart Shane Warne to master the googly.

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Googly is one of the most potent weapons for a spin bowler. Abdul Qadir, one of the greatest spinners in the world, was a master in the art of bowling them and got the best batters out with it. 

Salman Qadir shared an interesting story about Abdul Qadir and Shane Warne on a private channel show. He claimed that his father told Shane Warne to practice on his wristwork by spinning apples and maltas as he would generate more spin this way.


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Moreover, Salman Qadir added that Abdul Qadir wasn’t someone who would get a job by flattery, adding that he spoke the truth and never changed his stance on issues.

It is pertinent to mention here that Abdul Qadir represented Pakistan in 67 Tests and 104 ODIs between 1977 and 1993 and was widely recognized as the foremost leg spinner of his times. The 64-year-old represented Pakistan in two World Cups (1983 and 1987). He also captained the Pakistan cricket team in five ODIs.

He passed away yesterday after he suffered a cardiac attack in Lahore in 2019.

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