I didn’t seek PML-N ticket, means not in the party: Shahid Khaqan Abbasi


ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said, he didn’t seek the PML-N ticket, which means he is not in the party.

“If a person does not seek the party’s ticket after 35 years of affiliation is extra-ordinary and a clear message,” seasoned politician said in an interview to the ARY News.

“There was no need of a ceremony at joining and neither today, for quitting the party,” he said.

“Some party friends talked with me after, I didn’t apply for the PML-N ticket. I had given the names of some party workers of the constituency and said I will support them,” former PM said.

“These workers were not awarded tickets, now I will not support the PML-N candidate”. “After the PML-N decision, I am free”, he said.

“I was being pressurized in constituency to contest or field my son as an independent candidate,” he said. “I will support if the workers stand for election,” he said.

“It is okay, the party is theirs, they decided what they think is better,” he said.

Replying a question Abbasi said, “How could you devoid a political party from its election symbol, election is the constitutional right”.

“I don’t want to be part of a farce like IPP, PML-Q and Patriot,” he said. “I have to do politics and will my line of action after the election,” Abbasi said.

“If I found a party or not but new will definitely formed as there is space,” Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said.

“The new party will not be a group of some individuals, which emerges around in election times,” he said.

“All three parties have created a space for a new political party with their performance and attitude. The new party will be for a big cause,” he said.

Former prime minister said that several people have contacted with him, “I am agreed that there should be a new political party”.

“This will not be a party, which used to be constituted for a specific purpose.” “Sword was made Arrow and the Cow fielded against Lion and made it to resemble like the Lion”. “The Cow bagged 12,000 votes against me, when no one was knowing the candidate,” Shahid Khaqan said.

“We have didn’t learn and turned to old files again and started same work. Every person is questioning, if the elections will be held or not, even candidates are asking same question,” he added.

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