IHC gives Feb 13 deadline for missing Baloch students’ recovery


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has given February 13 deadline to the federal government for recovery of missing Baloch students, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kyani issued written order of the hearing of Baloch missing students’ case.

The court also summoned final report of all Baloch missing persons reaching to their homes from the federation.

According to the written order the court extended the deadline of the recovery of Baloch missing students until Feb 13.

“The court is not demanding statements on oath from the Prime Minister, Interior and Defence Secretaries and security institution for now. If the missing persons not recovered, statements on oath will be demanded and legal proceeding will be initiated,” the court order read.

Attorney General submitted a list of the Baloch students missing in enforced disappearances. The court was informed that 12 Baloch missing students’ cases have been unresolved.

The federal government assured the court that no person will be kidnapped or made forcefully disappeared in future.

The AG also assured that all missing persons will be recovered at any cost adding that the people involved in illegal activities will be brought to the court of law, the order read.

“These statements and actions are positive signals for the better future of Pakistan, which will provide justice to Balch families waiting for their missing dear ones for several years,” court said.

The court also referred the matter of the missing father of Sammi Deen Baloch, which has been missing for over a decade, as a test case to attorney general to get information from the state institutions with regard to his whereabouts, according to the court order.

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