IMF, Pakistan likely to conclude talks today for $1.1bn tranche


ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission and Pakistan’s economic team are likely to conclude the second review negotiations for the release of the final $1.1 billion tranche under SBA loan agreement, ARY News reported on Monday, citing sources.

With significant topics on the agenda, including pensions, salaries, climate financing, and monetary policy, both parties aim to reach consensus on key economic reforms and initiatives. Asset declarations of officers and negotiations with provinces are also scheduled for today, sources said.

Sources close to the negotiations also revealed that the IMF will discuss with the provinces a wide range of subjects, including fiscal operations, debt management, and commodity schemes. Additionally, negotiations with the provinces are scheduled to address issues related to fiscal decentralization and regional economic policies.

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The negotiations will also focus on real estate regulations, asset declarations of officers, and measures to combat money laundering, underscoring the commitment to financial transparency and accountability.

The delegation has expressed its consent on the roadmap of Pakistan’s external financing in so far talks, the sources said.

Earlier, it was reported that the government of Pakistan assured the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of expediting the privatisation programme.

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