Jahangir Tareen says collective efforts to bring economic stability in Pakistan


MULTAN: The patron-in-chief of the Istehkam-i-Pakistan Party (IPP), Jahangir Khan Tareen has said that collective efforts are required to bring economic stability in the country, ARY News reported.

Addressing worker’s convention in Multan today, he said that provision of job opportunities to the jobless youth is linked to economic stability. He maintained that an increase of salaries would also be feasible if the country’s economy improved.

Earlier, he said that he would work jointly with PML-N to improve the economy of the country.

He said that inflation was a major challenge and it could only be controlled by stabilizing the economy. He said that they would create job opportunities for the unemployed youth.

He promised that IPP would honour its promises made to the masses during the general elections. He urged the masses to support them in the general elections for the prosperity of the country.

It is pertinent to mention here that the newly-formed Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP), which will contest its first election, has announced its candidates for national and Punjab assembly seats following a seat adjustment with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

According to the list available with ARY News, the Jahangir Tareen-led party has field 12 candidates for National Assembly seats in Islamabad and Punjab, while 27 candidates will contest for Punjab Assembly seats.

The Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP) was formed by disgruntled PTI leader and sugar baron Jahangir Tareen, once a close aide of the PTI chief Imran Khan, in June

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