JI not running election drive to sit in opposition, says Hafiz Naeem


KARACHI: Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman has said that the Jamaat Islami not running its election campaign to sit in the opposition, ARY News reported on Saturday.

While unveiling his party’s election agenda, JI Karachi’s Ameer said that “no government will be formed in Centre and Sindh without us and if formed will not be able to run”.

Hafiz Naeem said that the people of Sindh will be provided health card and free IT education.

He promised four metro trains and 5,000 buses for various corridors in Karachi and implementation on the K-IV water project for the city.

He also announced cancellation of the license of the K-Electric, the electric utility of the metropolis.

It is to be mentioned here that the Jamaat Islami has awarded 55 party tickets for 61 National Assembly seats in Sindh and fielded party candidates at all 22 NA seats in Karachi.

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