Karachi airport boosts surveillance with additional CCTV


In a proactive move to address security concerns, a total of 100 CCTV cameras has been installed at the cargo terminal of Karachi Airport, ARY News reported on Monday.

As per the official sources, the CCTV cameras were installed to enhance the security measures at the cargo terminal of Jinnah International Airport.

The surveillance extends to the Cargo Terminal, ICI Terminal, and surrounding areas, providing comprehensive monitoring.

It is pertinent to mention here that some unauthorized individuals were caught attempting to enter the cargo terminal.

The decision to restrict entry for unauthorized persons aims to strengthen security and prevent any potential theft or unauthorized access incidents.

Last year, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was given control of modern facial recognition cameras installed at Karachi s Jinnah International Airport.

The aviation authorities built a control room at Karachi airport for 24/7 monitoring of passengers and visitors via the high-tech camera system. The control room was handed over to the FIA immigration officers.

The modern cameras with an alarm system will be activated after detecting the accused in cases at the airport to stop them from escaping the country.

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