Karachi: Details of ‘dacoits’ killed in Korangi emerge


KARACHI: The details of the two ‘dacoits’ killed in the firing of citizens in Korangi’s Zaman Town, Karachi, emerged on Monday. 

According to details, the incident occurred in Korangi Zaman Town where citizens confronted and overpowered two dacoits during a robbery.

According to Zaman Town police, the deceased dacoits were identified as Abdul Rahman and Abdul Khaliq.

The police report indicates that the slain dacoits were residents of Korangi Sector 51-D, Jumma Goth and were close friends.

The dacoit had left his home, informing family members about going to the graveyard.

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During the confrontation, citizens surrounded them, and in panic, the dacoits opened fire, injuring one civilian. A civilian named Ali, present at the scene, retaliated with his personal weapon and killed them.

The police mentioned that one of the deceased dacoits was planning to go to Saudi Arabia next month, according to information from the suspect’s family. Both friends were also employed in a garment factory.

Weapons and looted items seized from the custody of the deceased dacoits were recovered.

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