Karachi: FIR filed against uniformed officials robbing trader


KARACHI: A timber trader filed FIR against two ‘uniformed officials’ deprived him of over two Lac rupees cash.

A trader Hassaan Nafees has filed complaint at Napier police station that he deals in timber. “While coming to timber market on motorbike to purchase timber, I was stopped by two uniformed men at Jameela Street in Lyari,” he told police.

“They asked me about my motorbike papers. I told them that I forgot the bike papers at home” trader said.

“One of the two officials sit on my bike, and another made my employee to sit with him. They took us to Lyari Expressway and taken 1,70,000 rupees from my pocket and 63,000 rupees from my employee,” the complaint read.

“When I demanded back my money, they shown their arms and told us to leave the place, otherwise they will kill us as robbers in fake encounter,” complainant said.

Police officials have said that they were inquiring into the incident adding that the policemen involved in the incident, yet to be identified.

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