Karachi police kill ‘dacoit’ in encounter


KARACHI: A motorcyclist was killed and other sustained wounds in a ‘police encounter’ near Karachi’s Mewa Shah graveyard area, ARY News reported.

According to police, two suspected people riding motorbike were asked to stop near Mewa Shah graveyard, who opened fire at patrolling party.

In a retaliatory fire, one ‘dacoit’ was dead, while another was arrested in injured condition. In the shootout, a policeman also sustained injuries.

The injured dacoit and policeman were rushed to the hospital.

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Earlier on December 6, last year, two alleged bandits were killed in a police encounter in the New Karachi area. The encounter with five robbers riding on motorbikes occurred near Mangal Bazar.

The criminals were looting the valuables in the area when the patrolling police party arrived at the scene. Seeing the police, the bandits opened fire and in a retaliatory fire two of them were shot dead on the spot, while one of them was arrested in injured condition.

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