Karachi retailer ‘fined’ for selling cheaper flour


KARACHI: A retailer in Karachi s Jodia Bazaar, the country’s oldest and biggest wholesale market of essential goods, faced penalty for selling flour at lower price than the official rate, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Karachi Wholesaler Grocers Group (KWGG) has lamented the fines imposed on the retailer, threatening of a shutter-down strike against the injustice .

A team of Deputy Commissioner visited market and checked the prices and food items being sold at various shops in Jodia Bazaar on Saturday. During the inspection, the DC found a retailer selling cheaper flour.

In a statement, Wholesaler Grocers Chairman Abdur Rauf said that the shopkeeper was selling the flour at Rs115 per kg against the official rate of Rs123 per kg.

Lamenting the fine imposed on the shopkeeper, the chairman said that selling cheaper flour to poor citizens became a crime in the country.

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