Karachi: Rising crime rate triggers activation of Shaheen Force


KARACHI: The Karachi police has decided to mobilise the Shaheen Force amid rising street crimes in the metropolitan that resulted in the killing of several citizens, ARY News reported.

According to details, the District West police dispatched a 150-member team for a refresher course while several teams of the Shaheen Force have been constituted to fight street crimes.

With the change in command, the Sindh police have begun preparations to tackle the rising street crime that has resulted in the killing of dozens of citizens.

In this regard, DIG West Irfan Baloch said that the officials appointed by the previous caretaker government had failed to address the issue of street crimes.

He went on to add that the citizens were being killed either by the robbers or by the police in cross-fire.

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Reports had said that as many as 45 Karachi citizens have been killed so far in 2024 over resisting robberies with February recording the highest number of 20 killings.

Month-wise data showed that February recorded the most killings with 20 citizens losing their lives to the robbers.

In January, as many as 13 people were killed by robbers while around 12 city dwellers were murdered by the dacoits so far during the current month.

On February 24, Ghulam Nabi Memon was appointed as the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh for the second time.

According to the details, the Sindh government suggested the centre to once again appoint Memon as the provincial police chief.

The federal government directed Riffat Mukhtar Raja to report to the Establishment Division.

The appointment came days after the Sindh government transferred and appointed many Deputy Inspector Generals of police in a major reshuffle in the department.

Irfan Baloch was appointed as DIG West, while Ahmed Nawaz Cheema was named DIG Traffic. Similarly, Iqbal Dar was appointed as DIG Driving License Branch while Javed Jaskani was named DIG Mirpurkhas.

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