Karachi submerged after heavy rainfall


KARACHI: Karachi, on Saturday evening, encountered substantial rainfall, resulting in the accumulation of rainwater on numerous highways which led to transportation issues for the residents of the metropolis, ARY News reported.

In the aftermath of the rain, the rainwater accumulated on several highways resulting in halted vehicles, bikes, and widespread traffic congestion on roads.

The officials of KMC and DMC failed once again to facilitate the citizens of Karachi as the rainwater is still on the roads with many citizens stuck with their vehicles.

The situation not only inconvenienced commuters but also underscored the need for swift and efficient responses from local authorities.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Meteorological Department has released the figures according to which 62mm was the highest rainfall recorded in Surjani Town, while 41.8mm at Airport, 33.6mm in North Karachi, 29.8mm in University Road, 23.5mm in Nazimabad, and 23mm rain was recorded in Gulshan-e-Maymar.

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