Kashmore: Police, Rangers launch anti-bandit operation to recover hostages


KASHMORE: The law enforcement agencies have launched operation in katcha area to recover an abducted truck driver and other hostages from bandit gangs, ARY News reported on Saturday.

The anti-bandit operation being led by the police chief of Kashmore and the rangers wing commander, has been launched in katcha area of Ghelpur police station jurisdiction.

SSP Bashir Brohi has said that the district police have launched the operation with armoured carriers. “Over 10 police pickets have been established in katcha area and all entry and exit points of the area have been completely sealed,” police officer said.

Police chief claimed that nine hostages will be soon recovered from bandits.

Riverine forests in Sindh and southern belt of Punjab, popularly known as katcha area, have historically remained a hotbed of bandit gangs involved in kidnappings for ransom and other crimes, on both banks of the Indus River allegedly with the backing of local influential persons.

These areas are inaccessible and virtually a no go area for police and other law enforcement agencies. So as, remain an ideal refuge for the fugitives and bandit gangs operating in the region.

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