Lakki Marwat murder suspect shot dead by his accomplices


LAKKI MARWAT: A main suspect allegedly involved in murdering 11 people of a family has been killed by his own accomplice in Lakki Marwat on Thursday, ARY News reported citing police cources

Police said that the suspect Sadar Khan has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the killing of 11 people including women of a family. The police took the accused to Takhtikhel area for recovery of the weapon used in the killings when they were attacked by his accomplice on their way back.

The police said that during their return from Takhtikhel, accomplices of the accused attacked the law enforcers, injuring their own accomplice. Sadar Khan was injured and later died. The police car was also damaged and fortunately no causalities of cops was reported.

The attackers however managed to flee after retaliatory firing by the police.

Earlier, 11 members of the same family, including women, were killed in Takhtikhel.

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Earlier,  11 bodies, including children and women have been found in a house located in the town of Takhti Khel, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

According to police statements, the discovery was made by the brother of the deceased household s head upon his return.

The initial investigations by the local police suggested that the unfortunate incident is believed to be happened two days ago from the consumption of a toxic substance mixed in the food.

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