LPG prices soar again across Pakistan


KARACHI: The local marketing companies in Karachi have reportedly raised the prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) without obtaining prior approval from the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), ARY News reported on Tuesday.

This is the third time during Ramadan that LPG prices have seen an arbitrary increase of Rs30 per kilogram. Despite the government’s fixed price of Rs257 for LPG, it has been observed to be sold at Rs300 in the market.

Additionally, domestic cylinders, which were previously sold for Rs 3,030, are now being priced at an alarming Rs 4,200 in the local market.

The Chairman of the LPG Association, Irfan Khokhar, condemned the unauthorized price hike and emphasized that any increase without proper notification is unjustifiable.

The LPG association called for action against those involved in black market activities.

Earlier this week, the OGRA termed the association s increase in the pricing of LPG as unlawful, asking the provincial governments to ensure that LPG is available to customers at prices set by the government.

According to the OGRA spokesperson, there is ample storage of LPG molecules in the country, adding that increasing the prices is illegal.

“Illegal hoarding of LPG is the main reason behind the hike in prices,” the spokesperson added.

He said that some elements are creating an artificial shortage of LPG and the OGRA also informed the provincial chief secretaries regarding the artificial shortage.

The OGRA also asked the provincial governments to ensure the provision of gas to consumers at authorities fixed prices.

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