Mahrang Baloch’s social media accounts being run from India, claims Achakzai


ISLAMABAD: Balochistan’s Caretaker Information Minister Jan Achkzai has claimed that Dr. Mahrang Baloch’s social media accounts are being operated from India۔

Speaking to the media, Jan Achakzai said he was grateful to the martyrs’ families for exposing the faces of the hypocrites، The nation has recognized the enemies of the homeland, he added.

The caretaker minister of Balochistan said Baloch Yakjehti Forum chairperson Dr. Mahrang Baloch’s social media is being run from India. The hypocrisy of so-called intellectuals and the facilitation of terrorist agents has been exposed۔

The Balochistan minister also claimed that Mahrang Baloch is receiving foreign funding and reports in this context will soon come to light.

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He said the people of Balochistan have identified the enemies and cases against the terrorists will be registered, who martyred 340 people last year.

The minister said the enemy will not be allowed to succeed in its nefarious designs. He paid tributes to the security personnel rendering lives for the peace and security of Pakistan.

Jan Achakzai said Balochistan is part of Pakistan and will always remain.

He said Pakistan had sacrificed thousands of civilians against Terrorists, making sacrifices to destroy the enemy’s ambitions، The unclean intentions of the enemy never succeed۔

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