Man commits suicide after killing wife, four children in Chakwal


In a shocking incident, a man killed his wife and four children before committing suicide in Chakwal, Punjab, ARY News reported.

According to police, the disturbing incident took place in Muzzdalfa Town in the limits of Chakwal city police station.

The man after killing his wife, and four children committed suicide. The bodies have been shifted to the hospital for identification.

Similar incidents have occurred previously although the motives behind them were different. In one such incident, a man committed suicide after killing his wife and son in Karachi over a domestic dispute.

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The incident occurred in the Qaddafi Town area of Landhi and the police said that the accused initially murdered his 40-year-old wife and 18-year-old son over a domestic dispute.

“He later shot himself in the head to commit suicide,” they said adding that the bodies were shifted to a hospital for medico-legal formalities

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