Man killed, father injured for resisting robbery in Karachi’s Surjani


KARACHI: Alarming street crimes in Karachi could not be halted as robbers killed a son and injured his father on resistance in Karachi s Surjani Town, ARY News reported citing police sources.

As per reports, two persons said to be a father and a son were injured when they resisted a robbery in the metropolis. Police said that the son later succumbed to injuries while the father was still being treated however his condition is said to be out of danger.

Police said that the father and son were on their way to attend a wedding event when they were intercepted by the robbers.

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Earlier on Wednesday, Sindh Inspector General of Poilce (IGP) Riffat Mukhtar termed street crimes in urban areas particularly Karachi and lawlessness in the Katcha areas as chronic issues and said that the police is taking all-out measures to curb the crimes in both areas.

When discussing street crime, the IGP identified mobile phone and cash snatching, vehicle theft or snatching, house robberies, murders, and extortion as major issues.

He was of the view that despite fluctuations in the rate of street crime, it remains a chronic urban issue, adding that the police is currently patrolling and conducting targeted operations to control the situation.

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