Man kills in-laws, ends life in Lahore


LAHORE: A man gunned down his two in-laws and injured as many persons inside their house before committing suicide in the Samanabad neighborhood of Lahore on Sunday, ARY News reported citing police sources.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Iqbal Town while confirming the incident said that all the persons were shot inside the house near Rasool Park in the Samanabad area.

The police said that a man named Nadeem got engaged to a sister of one Sarfaraz a year ago. It added that Nadeem sneaked into the house of his in-laws and shot at least four people including two women.

The police said that a man and a woman succumbed to bullet wounds while two people are being treated at the hospital.

The investigators added that Nadeem also shot himself and committed suicide.

SSP Iqbal Town said that the injured persons were rushed to the hospital for treatment while dead bodies were also shifted for legal formalities.

The SSP Iqbal Town said that the police initiated the forensic investigation.

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Earlier in December, at least four members of a family were killed as a man opened fire on his ex-wife and her family in Salamatpura Lahore.

The police officials said the alleged suspect, identified as Salman, opened fire on his ex-wife and her family when they returned from a wedding event.

According to police spokesperson, the firing resulted in the death of his ex-wife, her father, sister and brother whereas 55-year-old woman Taj Bibi and five-year-old Minahil sustained injuries.

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