Masters in public health in Pakistan and its Scope

Masters in Public Health in Pakistan and its Scope


Universities offering Masters in Public Health in Pakistan and its Scope


To analyze the necessity of a Master’s in Public Health in Pakistan, it is evident to focus on the driving force that leads to MPH. The important aspect in this advanced era is public health and ways to minimize disease and analyze preventive methods. This subject prioritizes studying the diseases supporting health care policies and developing scrutinized strategies for health and safety purposes. Masters in Public Health in Pakistan and its Scope. 


You can better understand the scope of public health in Pakistan after the COVID-19 outbreak. That made the health system awaken about developing strategies to maintain public health. This piece of writing gives an idea about the scope of public health and which universities are offering this program. Different international platforms also provide free certification programs in Public Health.

Scope of Masters in Public Health in Pakistan 

It has a broader impact on the healthcare system to implement, evaluate, and plan how to improve and control disease and access society’s best healthcare facilities. Studying public health deploys a wider scope that focuses on the areas of:


  • Epidemiology: These public health professionals study the broader range of disease outbreaks.Focuses on the health and lower disease risk. Do research on the educating, outreach, and surveys.

  • Global health: In a wider aspect Global Health involves a comprehensive study of international health issues, emphasizing the interconnectedness of global healthcare systems.

  • Public policy: Public Policy involves the connection of healthcare and policymaking, offering insights into how policy decisions impact public health outcomes and preparing professionals to navigate the dynamic landscape of health.

  • Community Health: The deep exploration of health issues at the local level, emphasizing the development and implementation of strategies to improve the community is what community health deals with. They concentrate on health care and preventive measures.


 Universities offering Masters in Public Health in Pakistan and its Scope

This program concentrates on the problems of improving lives and addressing issues. Following is the list of the universities that offer you this course:

  1. King Edward Medical University
  2. Jinnah Sindh Medical University
  3. University of Health Sciences
  4. Khyber Medical University
  5. Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences
  6. Gomal University
  7. University of Haripur
  8. University of Punjab
  9. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Pims
  10. Agha khan university


The program of public health leads to the creation of massive healthcare professionals. Masters in Public Health in Pakistan and its Scope,the demand is expected to rise by 25% in 2060. This degree is a springboard for various career opportunities. Public health deals with health betterment strategies while the safety practices and awarding the community how to combat pandemics like COVID-19. Moreover, it gives the geographical impacts of the disease advocates health security, and encourages healthy activities. Read More..

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