Millions of Pakistanis to observe Itikaaf


ISLAMABAD: Just like other parts of the world, millions of Muslims in Pakistan would also enter a state of seclusion known as “Itikaaf”, following the Asr prayer on Sunday.

During the final ten days of the holy month of Ramadan, people observe Itikaaf, a time to pray in private for the blessings of Allah Alimghty and in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

Men will be limited to mosques starting on the 21st of Ramadan while ladies will keep themselves apart from other people in their houses so that they can focus on their prayers.

The The Motakifs (people who observe Itikaaf) would break their 20th fast of Ramadan while in Itikaaf

Mosques all around the country have set aside special spaces for men to stay during Itikaaf. The Motakifs  end their itikaaf just as Shawwal moon sighted.

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