Most PPP workers, leaders against alliance with PML-N: Nadeem Afzal Chan


ISLAMABAD: The People’s Party’s alliance with the PML-N could be a compulsion but not a priority, PPP leader Nadeem Afzal Chan said in an exclusive interview to ARY News.

He said that the majority of the PPP workers and leaders not favouring an alliance with the PML-N. “The People’s Party would have to offer big sacrifice or pay price for alliance with the PML-N,” he opined.

“If the PPP wants majority, it should work against the PML-N with the PTI,” Nadeem Afzal Chan said.

He said only the People’s Party or PTI Independents have genuine mandate. “The PML-N would have only 15 seats, if the courage demonstrated by Khawaja Saad Rafiq and Nisar Cheema, also shown by other,” PPP leader said.

“What is option with the People’s Party, if the PTI not wants political dialogue,” he posed question. “There is huge hatred in people against the PML-N. Everyone will suffer political loss if join hands with the PML-N,” he warned.

“I have talks with Bilawal Bhutto, let us see what happens in the party’s CEC,” Nadeem Afzal Chan said.

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On a question he said, “I would also have a MNA today, Mohsin Naqvi would have my friend,” he said.

“People have given their votes to the PTI founder, we should honour that vote,” PPP leader said. “I was also given votes because I talked against the system,” he said. “Bilawal is also popular for his criticism of the PML-N,” he said.

“My opponent’s maternal uncle has been the chief secretary of Punjab thus all machinery was on his disposal,” Afzal Chan said. “We have evidence that 20,000 ballots were given with stamp on ‘Lion’, he said. “The police was also on their side still they lost the contest,” he said.

“Our 50, Form 45 have been missing, I am going to file petition in court,” he said. “Mukhtar Abra was disturbed, I told him don’t get disturb, we have not been voted out. I told him keep patience, it is not good to be defeated by unfair means but to stand against it”, he said.

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