Motorcyclists banned on flyovers


RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi Police banned the entry of motorcycles at all flyovers to avert any untoward incident during the Basant festival.

As per details, on the occasion of Basant in Punjab, several measures have been taken given the fear of losses from kite strings.

The Rawalpindi Police said that flyovers at Murree Road, Airport Road, and other localities have been closed for motorcyclists. Meanwhile, Rawalpindi police arrested several people involved in aerial firing on the occasion of Basant in different areas of the city.

Rawalpindi police said that the actions against people involved in illegal activities during the Basant festival are also underway. Many people have been detained from different areas of the city.

“Police and district administration teams are diligent to maintain peace and law and order throughout the province,” the administration said.

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Earlier, Punjab police sent a recommendation for increasing punishments for kite-flying in the province with imprisonment of five years and a Rs2 million fine.

According to details, a handout sent from Punjab police to the provincial government has recommended increasing punishments for those involved in preparing kites and flying them.

It recommended that those involved in preparing thread and kites with prohibited material will be now be imprisoned for five years as compared to one year previously besides also getting a fine of Rs2 million, contrary to Rs500,000 previously.

Previously, a bill was also moved in the National Assembly seeking a complete ban on kite-flying in the federal capital.

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