NA Speaker Ayaz Sadiq refuse to take unnecessary security, protocol


In a move to contribute to the austerity measures, the speaker of National Assembly – Ayaz Sadiq – refused to take unnecessary security and protocol, ARY News reported on Monday.

Sources close to the development revealed that NA speaker Ayaz Sadiq has returned the six security squad cars allocated for him, emphasizing the need to have only necessary security measures in place.

The former NA speaker, Raja Pervez, used to travel in a caravan consisting of six to eight vehicles, sources revealed.

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Current Speaker Ayaz Sadiq has also returned more than 40 employees designated for the Speaker House, but were previously assigned to both the private and official residences of former Speaker.

Sources further revealed that the Speaker House will now have a staff of four to five employees, additionally, the speaker has requested details regarding the budget expenditure for the current financial year.

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