NADRA launches mobile app for online issuance of documents


ISLAMABAD: National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced Pak ID mobile app through which the people will be able to get Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) and Family Registration Certificate (FRC) online.

According to the details, the NADRA has provided modern facilities, refraining the citizens from long queues at the centers.  After completing the process through the app, the applicant could get their ID documents delivered to their doorstep.

Through NADRA Pak ID mobile app, photo upload, fingerprints verification and online payment have been made easy. NADRA spokesperson said that now CNICs, FRCs and even CNICs for overseas Pakistani could be issued online.

Read More: NADRA smart ID card renewal updated fee- Dec 2023

Earlier in December, NADRA updated the fee for the renewal of smart ID cards.

The NADRA smart card is a national identity card with the addition of a chip on the card which helps log information. It also secures your identity and other important records with an additional layer of biometric verification.

Here is the list of the fees for NADRA smart ID cards and others.

Categories/Type Service
Normal Urgent Executive
New Smart NIC PKR 750 PKR 1500 PKR 2500
Smart NIC Modification PKR 750 PKR 1500 PKR 2500
Smart NIC Duplicate PKR 750 PKR 1500 PKR 2500
Smart NIC Renewal PKR 750 PKR 1500 PKR 2500
CNIC Cancellation (Due to death) PKR 50
CRC New/Duplicate/Modification PKR 50 PKR 500
FRC PKR 1000 PKR 1000


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