NADRA’s deputy assistant director ‘kidnapped’ in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: The National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA)  Deputy Assistant Director, Najeebullah has been ‘kidnapped’, ARY News reported۔

As per details, NADRA’s Deputy Assistant Director, Najeebullah, who left the house, last night did not return and a case of his ‘missing’ has been registered at Ramna police station on the complaint of his brother, who is also a government officer, deputed at PM House.

According to FIR, Asadullah said his brother, who is a deputy assistant director at NADRA, Najeebullah left home at night and did not return.

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He called in the morning and informed that he was going to Peshawar, the applicant said in his FIR.

The text added that after a while he again received a call from his brother, who told him that he had been ‘kidnapped’ by some people.

Following the registration of the case, police have launched an investigation into the matter by collecting CDRs of the calls received by the ‘abductee’ brother.

The police are also taking help from the record of Safe City Cameras.

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