Najaf Hameed remanded under judicial custody in Adiala Jail


RAWALPINDI: The former Tehsildar Najaf Hameed on Monday sent on a 14-day judicial remand by the court in a fraud case, ARY News reported.

According to the details, the anti-corruption establishement (ACE) presented Najaf Hameed before the court and requested his judicial remand in Adiala jail.

The Senior Criminal Judge, Waqar Hussain Gondal, responding to the plea approved 14-day judicial remand, and sent the accused to Adiala Jail, Rawalpindi.

The court directed the accused to be present before the court on 1 April.

Earlier in the day, the Anti-Corruption Department arrested a former Deputy Tehsildar, Sardar Najaf Hameed, from Rawalpindi in a fraud case.

According to the details, after the cancellation of bail in the fraud case, efforts were made by the Anti-Corruption to arrest Najaf Hameed, the former Deputy Tehsildar of Chakwal but he fled the scene.

However, he was apprehended again and presented before the Anti-Corruption Court, where his pre-arrest bail plea was rejected, and was handed over to the Anti-Corruption authorities for two days.

Former Deputy Tehsildar Najaf Hameed had approached Senior Sessions Judge for pre-arrest bail.

It’s worth noting that Najaf Hameed had appeared before the Special Judge of the Anti-Corruption Court. In 2023, he was implicated in a case of land fraud filed by the Anti-Corruption authorities, meanwhile, Najaf had secured pre-arrest bail to evade the arrest.

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