Naran avalanche buries several hotels


Several hotels in the popular tourist resort of Naran, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, were buried under avalanche, following the collapse of two glaciers at Jheel Road.

Naran in the upper Kaghan Valley is one of the most popular tourist sites. It is the most visited valley in Pakistan in the summer season.

The area becomes almost empty in winters because of severe cold, and road closures because of snowfall.

According to the Director General Kaghan Development Authority, Shabir Khan, several hotels and houses were buried under the avalanche because of the collapse of Ghamla and Chapran glaciers on Jheel Road in Naran.

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He added that the government agencies faced difficulties in gathering verified data of the losses, while the Naran Road is blocked at various spots after glaciers burst.

Shabir Khan stressed that emergency team was being rushed to the affected town to immediately assess the damage and and submit its recommendations to the board.

He added that work on Naran s Jheel road, which had been closed by the avalanche, would be started when the access to the town was restored. He advised masses to avoid travelling to the affected areas.

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