Nawaz Sharif pledges to end unemployment upon return to power


GUJRANWALA: PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif on Saturday pledged to eliminate poverty and unemployment in the country if he secures victory in the upcoming Feb 8 general elections, ARY News reported.

Addressing a public gathering in Gujranwala, the three-time prime minister noted that if his government had not been ousted, not a single person here would have been unemployed.

Citing Transparency International s report, Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan’s ranking on graft index improved under Nawaz Sharif-led government. “Not only corruption, the price of bread, flour and sugar were also at the lowest”, he reiterated.

He pointed out that his government also ended loadshedding and terrorism while the prices of petrol and electricity were the lowest. “The IMF [International Monetary Fund] had also acknowledged the country s development pace during my tenure,” he added.

Nawaz further said that the judge, who was in line to become new Chief Justice and awarded him sentence, resigned and went home. “That judge was involved in my ouster,” he added.

“Had my government remained, people would have been satisfied; they would have been able to make ends meet, unlike today,” the PML-N supremo maintained.

Addressing the youth of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif assured them that he will once again build motorways, universities and hospitals across Pakistan, in addition to tackling unemployment and poverty in the country.

A day earlier, Nawaz Sharif asserted that the country s real youth stand by his party, not mummy-daddy type.

Addressing a public gathering in Faisalabad in connection with general elections 2024, the three-time prime minister said that some people believe the country s youth support another party, but “that s not the case”.

“The real Pakistani youth stand by PML-N, not the mummy-daddy ones,”¬†Nawaz Sharif, said, adding that he has no words to “thank the people of Faisalabad for this love”.

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