NEPRA initiates action against overbilling in LESCO


LAHORE: The National Electronic Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has initiated action against overbilling in the LESCO region.

As per details, the NEPRA has sought complete data on overbilling from all divisions falling in the LESCO region till February 27.

The action will be taken against XENs in the light of the report, while filed officers found involved in overbilling will be removed from their posts.

Last year in December, the power division confessed to overbilling consumers, changing their slabs and damaging meters.

The initial report on the NEPRA investigation report revealed concerning findings, indicating that over 4.5 million consumers received bills exceeding 31 days. Additionally, a staggering 381,510 damaged meters have resulted in excessive bills.

In July, 846,468 consumers were affected as their slabs were changed with nearly, 2 lac protected consumers moved to the non-protected category.

The situation worsened in August, with over 5.574 million consumers receiving bills exceeding 31 days. A significant 825,562 power consumers were affected by changes in billing slabs during this period.

Furthermore, the Power division has criticized the NEPRA team s process, deeming it ineffective and flawed. The report has loopholes related to quality control and data processing.

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