New Govt have to face formidable external financing challenge


ISLAMABAD: The new government after elections, would have to face formidable economic difficulties and challenges, according to economic papers.

According to a document, Pakistan will require external financing of 111 billion dollars in next four years.

The country would require paying back 8.1 billion US$ loan by June 30, 2024. “Pakistan would have required US$ 22.24 billion external funding by June 30, 2025,” according to the document.

As per the paper, the country will need 24.68 billion dollars external financing for Fiscal Year 2026. Pakistan will be needed 24.92 billion dollars external financing for FY 2027.

The country will need another US$ 31.19 bln external financing for FY 2028, the document read.

The government has assured the International Monetary Fund (IMF) about arrangement of the required external financing, as per the document.

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