Operation ‘Marg Bar Sarmachar’: Pakistan strikes terrorist hideouts in Iran


The Foreign Office said on Thursday Pakistan struck terrorist hideouts inside the Iranian border a day after Tehran violated the country s airspace and launched strikes in Balochistan.

“This morning Pakistan undertook a series of highly coordinated and specifically targeted precision military strikes against terrorist hideouts in Siestan-o-Baluchistan province of Iran. A number of terrorists were killed during the Intelligence-based operation – codenamed Marg Bar Sarmachar’, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Thursday.

“Over the last several years, in our engagements with Iran, Pakistan has consistently shared its serious concerns about the safe havens and sanctuaries enjoyed by Pakistani origin terrorists calling themselves Sarmachars on the ungoverned spaces inside Iran. Pakistan also shared multiple dossiers with concrete evidence of the presence and activities of these terrorists,” the statement said.

“However, because of lack of action on our serious concerns, these so-called Sarmachars continued to spill the blood of innocent Pakistanis with impunity. This morning s action was taken in light of credible intelligence of impending large-scale terrorist activities by these so called Sarmachars.

“This action is a manifestation of Pakistan s unflinching resolve to protect and defend its national security against all threats. The successful execution of this highly complex operation is also a testimony to the professionalism of the Pakistan Armed Forces.”

“Pakistan will continue to take all necessary steps to preserve the safety and security of its people which is sacrosanct, inviolable and sacred,” said MOFA.

The Foreign Office said that Islamabad fully respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding that the sole objective of today s act was in pursuit of Pakistan s own security and national interest which is paramount and cannot be compromised.

“As a responsible member of the international community, Pakistan upholds the principles and purposes of the UN Charter including territorial integrity and sovereignty of member states. Guided by these principles, and in exercise of our legitimate rights within international law, Pakistan will never allow its sovereignty and territorial integrity to be challenged, under any pretext or circumstances.”

“Iran is a brotherly country and the people of Pakistan have great respect and affection for the Iranian people. We have always emphasized dialogue and cooperation in confronting common challenges including the menace of terrorism and will continue to endevaour to find joint solutions,” the statement added.

Pakistan recalls ambassador 

A day earlier, following Iran s violation of Pakistani airspace, the Foreign Office (FO) said Islamabad has announced to expel Iranian ambassador while recalling its envoy from Tehran.

“Pakistan reserves the right to respond to this illegal act and the responsibility for the consequences will lie squarely with Iran,” FO spokesperson Mumtaz Zahrah Baloch said in a post.

“Pakistan has decided to recall its ambassador from Iran and that the Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan who is currently visiting Iran may not return for the time being.

“Last night s unprovoked and blatant breach of Pakistan s sovereignty by Iran is a violation of international law and the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

“We have conveyed this message to the Iranian Government. We have also informed them that. We have also decided to suspend all high level visits which were ongoing or were planned between Pakistan and Iran in coming days,” the spokesperson said  in a statement.

According to a statement released by the Foreign Office (FO) after midnight, strikes in Pakistani territory resulted in “deaths of two innocent children while injuring of three girls”.

 “This violation of Pakistan s sovereignty is completely unacceptable and can have serious consequences.”

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