Pakistan likely to sign fresh IMF loan programme


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is likely to sign a fresh loan programme with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), after the completion of the current one, ARY News reported on Wednesday, citing sources within the finance ministry.

As per details, Islamabad is expected to sign the Extended Fund Facility programme for three years and would share budget proposals for FY-2024-25 with the International Monetary Fund, the sources said.

They further said the IMF will be given assurances of further jacking up electricity and gas prices and shunning subsidies burden on the economy, before signing the new loan programme.

The conditions for the new IMF loan programme would be ‘tougher’ as compared to the current SBA programme, finance ministry sources said.

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Earlier it emerged that Pakistan will get another loan package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) after completion of the ongoing Standby Agreement.

“Caretaker government has initiated consultations for the next IMF program,” sources said.

The government will likely begin talks with the IMF for the next loan program in the current month, according to sources.

The finance ministry officials said that the elected government would move forward the measures agreed by the caretaker government.

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