Pakistan Navy seizes liquor worth Rs145m in Arabian Sea


Pakistan Navy, in a joint intelligence-based operation with the law enforcement agencies, seized liquor worth Rs145.6 million in the North Arabian Sea.

“A joint intelligence-based operation, coordinated through Joint Maritime Information and Coordination Centre, was conducted by Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Maritime Security Agency and Pakistan Customs Intelligence in North Arabian Sea, in which 4104 bottles of Liquor were recovered.

“The seized liquor has been handed over to the Customs for further legal proceedings, read the statement issued by navy spokesperson.

“PN, PMSA, and Customs are vigilant and remain committed to preventing the use of Pakistani waters and land for any unlawful act.”

The successful joint operation by PN, PMSA and Customs intelligence resulting in the seizure of liquor is a testament to the fact that despite the prevailing maritime situation in which the criminals are active for their nefarious designs and leaving no opportunity to defame Pakistan, the spokesperson added.

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