PARCO reports another oil theft incident from Bin Qasim


KARACHI: Following a police complaint by Pak-Arab Refinery Company (PARCO), another incident of oil theft from a government pipeline has been reported from Karachi s Bin Qasim area, ARY News reported on Monday.

Following a complaint by a PARCO employee, a case has been registered at the Bin Qasim police station against three individuals for allegedly stealing oil from the petroleum line of PARCO.

The three accused identified as Abdul Wahab, Javed, and Hasan Jatoi were named in the FIR for allegedly stealing oil from the PARCO line.

According to the FIR text, the accused Javed and Hasan rented out the warehouse and allegedly clipped the PARCO pipeline for diesel theft.

The police officials stated that there is no arrests have been made in connection with the incident so far.

The police officials recalled that the cases of oil theft from government lines were also registered last year, however, the ringleader of the group involved in stealing oil could not be arrested.

The investigations into the oil theft from the PARCO pipeline were underway when another incident of oil theft was reported in the vicinity of Steel Town.

On the complaint of PARCO Assistant Security Officer Rafiq, a case has been registered at Steel Town police station against an unknown accused for an attempt to steal oil.

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