PIA’s 16 flights cancelled over ‘operational’ reasons


KARACHI: As many as 16 flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) have been cancelled over ‘operational’ reasons, ARY news reported on Sunday.

As per details, PIA’s four flights to Gilgit from Islamabad including PK-601, 602, 605 and 606 were cancelled due to a shortage of planes.

Four flights to Islamabad from Karachi, two flights from Islamabad to Sukkur,  two flights to Dubai from Islamabad, two flights of PIA bound for Quetta from Lahore and Dubai-bound two flights of private airlines were cancelled.

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Earlier, Pakistan International Airline (PIA) grounded nine aircraft over shortage of parts.

Sources privy to the development said that out of 31 planes in the fleet, nine aircraft have been grounded due to the non-availability of spare parts. The grounded aircraft includes five Airbus-320s, three Boeing-777 and one ATR craft.

Uncertainty persisted about the future of the national airline as it is mostly relying on the State Bank of Pakistan, sources claimed, adding that leasing companies have termed Pakistan s CCC rating against business policies.

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