PM Shehbaz stresses fully utlilisation of Balochistan’s minerals


LAHORE: Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif stressed the importance of proper planning for the communication infrastructure, particularly the railway line to fully utilise the minerals and other resources in Balochistan, ARY News reported

Presiding over a meeting in Lahore on the mines and minerals of Balochistan with particular reference to the Reqo Dik Project, PM Shehbaz ordered to upgrade the road network at the earliest to connect the Reqo Dik project with Gwadar by road.

Among others, a delegation of Barrick Gold Company led by its Chief Executive Officer Mark Bristow attended the meeting.

The prime minister also directed to remove project-related roadblocks and consult with all government players. He promised security for those working on the project, as well as logistics and transportation from Reqo Dik to the port, in regard to the protection and safety of the labourers connected with the project.

PM Shehbaz directed to expedite the completion of under-construction roads. He said a strategy should be evolved regarding the feasibility of a railway network for the project.

In comparison to Bin Qasim port, the prime minister said the Reqo Dik railway project would guarantee quick and simple access in addition to a shorter distance.

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He said that the new railway line will greatly benefit the mineral-rich Chaghai district and contribute in the growth of the mining industry. The Prime Minister was informed The Reqo Dik project’s iability would be done by the end of this year. It was informed 6,000 containers will be transported to the port every month from Reqo Dik.

The participants of the meeting were informed that the concentrate pipeline of the project will be the second longest slurry pipeline in the world. It was said that the mining company will construct a link road from Reqo Dik to National Highway-40.

The meeting was briefed that 58 percent of construction work on a 103-kilometer-long road from Naukundi to Mashkhel has been completed to connect Reqo Dik with Gwadar.

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