PML-N candidate threatens rival in viral video


SARGODHA: In a recent development in the NA-83 constituency in Sargodha, tensions escalated as a video of Mohsin Ranjha, the PML-N candidate, issuing threats to his opponents went viral on social media.

Despite being awarded the party ticket by the PML-N for the NA-83 constituency, Mohsin Ranjha finds himself at the center of controversy due to the video of his address circulating on social media in which he can be seen threatening his political rivals.

Ranjha in this address urged his opponents to join the PML-N or face consequences . He asserted that without joining PML-N, their political future would be bleak as they wouldn t get the support they need.

In the viral video, the PML-N candidate claims to have restrained his supporters from any aggressive actions. He hints at potential repercussions if his party workers are provoked.

Mohsin Ranjha warned his rival to seek forgiveness within 24 hours, or else the situation could escalate.

The was quickly went viral on social media, drawing significant backlash and prompting the candidate to address the situation.

Responding to the criticism, the PML-N candidate asserted that his speech had been manipulated by opponents with the intent to tarnish his image.

He refuted the allegations of issuing threats to his political rivals.

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