Pneumonia outbreak kills 13 children in Punjab


ISLAMABAD: A pneumonia surge in Punjab killed 13 more children with 1045 new cases registered during the past 24 hours, ARY News reported.

According to Punjab Health Department, the provincial capital Lahore registered 248 new cases during the said period, a private news channel reported.

The largest province in the country so far this year recorded 288 deaths and 17,248 cases due to the deadly disease, whereas Lahore only reported 57 deaths and 3,151 cases.

The current surge in pneumonia-related deaths indicates a troubling trend, with over 85 children lost their lives in the past week—14 on January 24, 12 on January 25, 13 on January 26, seven on January 27, 18 on January 28,  three on January 29 and 14 on January 30  with additional 13 children have reportedly died from the disease on last date of this month.

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Health experts attribute the rise in pneumonia cases in Punjab to the prevalent winter season and the resulting air pollution, especially smog, which has been identified as a significant factor contributing to the spike in pneumonia cases.

Pneumonia, characterized by an infection in the lungs, is predominantly caused by viral infections, and its symptoms can appear after experiencing a cold or flu. It can range from mild to severe, with young children, especially those under five years old, being more susceptible to the disease.

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