Police arrest notorious Lyari gang war commander in Karachi


KARACHI: The local police of Karachi conducted a raid and arrested a notorious criminal affiliated with Lyari gang war allegedly involved in sectarian target killing, extortion and terrorism activities in the metropolis, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Garden police of Karachi arrested a notorious commander, Faisal Mulla, of Lyari gang war in injured condition after an encounter during the raid.

Karachi Garden police apprehended Faisal Mulla, a notorious commander of the Lyari gang war, following an encounter during a raid.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) City, Amjad Hayat, claimed that the accused is involved in sectarian target killing, extortion, terrorism and other serious crimes, adding that the accused was most wanted by the law enforcement agencies.

Amjad Hayat revealed that the culprit used to work for Lakho and Ayaz Zohri group, during this period, the accused was involved in orchestrating grenade blasts and targeted killings, often targeting businessmen, builders, and shopkeepers who refused to pay extortion money.

The SSP City disclosed that the accused had been collecting donations with the religious group since 2012 and joined Wasiullah Lakhu and Ayaz Zehri group in 2015.

According to Amjad Hayat, Commander Faisal Mulla carried out hand grenade attacks, target killing, extortion and other crimes through shooters Ashfaq Captain and Manoor.

Additionally, he also carried out target killings of many political party workers including Deoband religious scholars, meanwhile, the law enforcers recovered a hand grenade and a rifle from Faisal Mulla s possession.

However, the accused is being investigated further.

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