Police nab most wanted Lyari gang war member in Karachi


KARACHI: Sindh police claimed to have arrested the most wanted accused of Lyari gang war allegedly involved serious criminal activities in Karachi, ARY News reported on Monday.

SSP City Amjad Hayat stated that a member of the Lyari gang war, identified as Ashfaq Ahmed, allegedly involved in terrorism, extortion, murder, attempted murder, and other criminal activities was arrested, while the authorities also recovered hand grenades and weapons from his possession.

In a statement, the SSP city claimed that the arrested Lyari gang war member was running an organized extortion network in Karachi.

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During the investigation, the accused confessed to several crimes, including throwing hand grenades and firing for non-payment of extortion, however, further investigation is underway.

In a video statement, the accused, Ashfaq, confessed that in 2016, he discharged firearms at Bolton Market on the directives of Faisal Mulla. Additionally, he admitted to firing shots in the Prize Bond Market, later he was rewarded with Rs 20,000.

Ashfaq further disclosed his involvement in a grenade attack on a lace shop in Kharadar in 2016, resulting in the death of three individuals, including a security guard. He explained that the attack was carried out due to non-payment of extortion.

Moreover, the accused revealed another grenade attack on an empty plot in Kharadar, which injured 8 to 9 people.

He stated that all directives were received through Faisal Mulla, who, in turn, received instructions from Wasiullah Lakhu and Ayaz Zehri.

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