Police seize drug-laden vehicle in Sheikhupura


SHEIKHUPURA: Saddar Police in Sheikhupura seized a vehicle carrying a substantial quantity of narcotics, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police (DPO), Zaahid Nawaz, revealed that the occupants of the vehicle, upon witnessing the police checkpoint, abandoned the car and managed to escape on foot.

Upon inspection of the abandoned vehicle, law enforcement discovered a significant haul of illegal substances concealed within the vehicle including 217 kilograms of opium and 40 kilograms of heroin.

The seized narcotics and the impounded vehicle have been taken into custody by the authorities, while a case against the unidentified individuals has been registered.

Last week, the Excise Department reportedly arrested a culprit allegedly selling ICE – Crystal Methamphetamine – drug to students in Peshawar.

The excise officials claimed that the arrested individual, named Basit, was allegedly involved in supplying ICE drugs to students in the universities and hostels across the city.

The excise department recovered 2,000 grams of heroin and more than 1,000 grams of ice from the arrested accused.

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