Police steps up crackdown in Punjab against kite-flying


LAHORE: Punjab Police has stepped up crackdown against kite-flying and selling in the province after directives from Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, ARY News reported on Monday.

The police registering cases and arrests kite and metal string makers, while the people being warned against kite-flying by public announcements.

The police arrested 29 kite-flyers in Lahore and seized kites and chemical string from their possession.

Police monitoring high-rise buildings and seized 2,000 kites and 50 chemical-laced strings in Khushab from a kite-seller.

Police conducted raids over string making factories in Faisalabad and and arrested 13 accused involved in lethal business. The officials also seized metal string making machines, kites and raw material.

Police in raids over two string making factories in Madanpura, Faisalabad arrested 13 kite-sellers. It also seized six metal string making machines and kites.

Police seized 30,000 kites in a raid at a factory in Manawala and also confiscated raw material of one lac kites.

Faisalabad police said that total 158 persons including 17 kite-makers have been arrested.

Police has shared that 153 cases have been registered in last 48 hours.

The department has arrested eight kite-sellers in Pakpattan, three in Sadiq Abad and two kite-vendors from Cheechawatani.

Police has also conducted raids in Narowal, Mustafa Abad and Mianwali.

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz had expressed severe concerns over frequent casualties from kite-flying, despite imposition of a ban across the province.

Chairing a meeting about Law and Order, the chief minister said that registering a case is not enough, the violators should be punished.

“I was heartbroken after watching the video of the child who died from the string of the kite,” she said. CM Maryam Nawaz said actions are needed on an urgent basis to implement the law.

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