PPP govt. enhances development budget in Sindh by 72 pct: Taj Haider


KARACHI: Senator Taj Haider on Tuesday said that the People’s Party building two million housing units for flood affected people in Sindh.

In an interview, the PPP’s election cell in-charge said that Bilawal Bhutto promising to build three million houses in country if the party forms the federal government. “Our government in Sindh increased development budget by 72 percent,” he pointed out.

PPP leader said that the party will provide 300 free units of electricity to poor class. “Presently 100 power units being supplied free in Islam Kot”.

He said the PPP government will provide free education to children with one-time meal.

“Other political parties sold running factories in their governments, while institutions being run under the public-private partnership mode in a better manner,” PPP senator said.

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