PPP members resign amid dispute over election tickets


QUETTA: Two politicians affiliated with the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) announced their resignation over a ticket distribution dispute for the general election 2024, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Differences emerged between PPP politicians over the distribution of tickets, leading to the departure of two members from the party, while eight others turned coats.

According to the details, Nawab Muhammad Khan Shahwani resigned from PPP – Mastung district, while, Tahir Mehmood Khan has announced to contest as an independent candidate after not getting a party ticket from PPP.

Meanwhile, five other candidates from the constituency PB-44 of PPP announced to contest the election as independent candidates after the party issued the ticket to Mir Obaid from the same constituency.

Earlier today, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) released the details of candidates participating in the general elections 2024.

According to ECP, a staggering 17,816 candidates including 5,121 candidates for National Assembly seats, while 12,695 candidates will compete in Provincial Assemblies elections.

Notably, 11,785 independent candidates, along with 3,748 candidates from 1,873 political parties will contest for NA seats whereas 8,537 candidates from 4,158 political parties for Provincial Assembly seats.

Moreover, 882 women, comprising 312 for National Assembly seats and 570 for Provincial Assembly seats, are set to participate in the elections in 2024.

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