PPP, MQM-P nominate candidates for Sindh Assembly Speaker, Dy Speaker


KARACHI: In the run-up to the formation of the provincial government, the stage is set for the election of the speaker and deputy speaker of the Sindh Assembly after oath-taking of the members.

A session of the assembly expected to be convened on Sunday, with Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani presiding over the proceedings.

People’s Party’s CM candidate Murad Ali Shah earlier said that the Speaker Sindh Assembly and chief minister’s election will be held tomorrow and day after tomorrow respectively.

The People’s Party has nominated Ovais Qadir Shah as its candidate for Speaker and Naveed Anthony Deputy Speaker candidate for Sindh Assembly.

The MQM-Pakistan has nominated Advocate Sofia Shah and Advocate Rashid Khan as the party’s candidates for speaker and deputy speaker’s offices of the provincial assembly respectively.

Earlier today, Speaker Agha Sadruddin administered oath taking of elected Sindh Assembly members with PPP as the largest parliamentary group in the legislature with 114 seats.

MQM-P is the next largest group in assembly with 36 members, while the Sunni Ittehad Council have nine members, GDA-3 and Jamaat Islami one seat.

The PPP enjoys comfortable majority in the house, and it doesn t need support from any other party to get its speaker, deputy speaker and chief minister elected.

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