PPP to play role in Punjab government formation: Nasir Shah


SUKKUR: People’s Party leader Nasir Hussain Shah has said, the PPP has swept Sindh in the election and will also play key role in formation of government in Punjab, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Former Sindh minister said that no party could form government in centre without the PPP.

PPP leader said, “We are not considering the PTI-supported winning candidates as independents,” he said. “We will talk with them in group,” he said.

He said the independent winners apart of the PTI are our first priority.

He claimed that the PPP will form government in Sindh and Balochistan. “Balochistan’s chief minister would be from the People’s Party,” he said.

“We don’t require anyone for formation of government in Sindh but we respect the mandate of other parties. We will hold talks with other parties for making government despite our majority,” he said.

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